Child Care and the Nontraditional Student

 Hi all!

Today I am thinking about child care (again). When I went back to school several years ago, I noticed that some fellow nontraditional students did need to worry about this. They had young children, and needed a good child care place for them. Some brought their kids to nontraditional student meetings too.

When I was working outside the home, I always needed to find not only child care before school started, but after. And I know that many nontraditional students need this too. They need to grapple with child care as well as their school schedule. They need a safe place for their kids that is a place that is handy to school, reputable, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. (Good luck with that) (chuckles).

Ideally, wouldn't it be great to have a place right at the school where you could have your children that were not school age? I have heard of some schools that actually have such a place. I know Western does, but the place is for the youngest of children only.

Some communities have After-School programs that are really great. They include study sessions and fun things like Girl Scout meetings or art activities. Of course, there are also pay sites, which can be very good. Some Boys and Girls clubs have buses that transport school kids to a safe place where they can exercise, do homework, and more.

I think each school that does not have child care at the school should provide nontraditional students with lists of good child care centers in the area. After school and before school programs should also be included. This would be such a great resource.

Does your school have child care, nontrads? Do they offer a referral pamphlet or help with that? I think that could really help nontraditional students a lot. Ratings would help too.

What do YOU think? Make a comment below. Thanks!

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