Forming a Nontraditional Student group

Are you going to trade school, community college, getting your GED, or attending college?

A great idea is to join a Nontraditional Student Group. You can share ideas, parenting tips, stories, and more at group meetings, which can be held weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

If there is no group at your school, you can start one.

Five Ways to get a nontraditional group started

1. You can advertise in a school paper (it usually doesn't cost a lot and is worth it...)
2. You can talk to other nontraditional students you see at school about it and see if anyone wants to help with it.
3. You can make a list of interested students and send an email to them or call them and let them know when the first meeting is, or plan a Interest Meeting.
4. You can put notices up on school bulletin boards with your email or phone number attached to let others get in touch with you.
5. You can talk to other groups at nearby schools to find out how they got started.

You might also talk to the school staff about it. Often, a staffer will be happy to help you start a group. Sometimes a teacher will be assigned to your group, and sometimes it will be up to you to find a teacher to be your group's mentor or sponsor. Other members who are interested may know of somebody who is interested. Maybe a group was once active and just needs another new start to become active again.

Schools like new groups. These groups help students stay in school by giving them support and making the experience more fun. Just check with your school and they can give you all the paperwork to fill out. After you are official, it will be easier for new members to find your group.

Then, after you have formed your Nontraditional Student Group, make sure to list it on the Nontraditional Student website, on your State Page.

Good luck, Nontrads!

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