A woman graduates college after 40 semesters - wow!

Hi fellow nontraditional students and those that help them.

I saw a wonderful article today I wanted to share. It's all about a woman who never gave up. She kept on "keeping on," and advises others to do that too.

This story, by Liz Goodwin, explains how Kathy Vitzthum is graduating from Ohio State after "40 long semesters of course work."

Wow. Read here story here: Woman graduates college after 40 semesters. I think this is such an uplifting and inspirational story.

Here's a quote, too, from the story. Kathy says, "It was absolutely scary" for her. Her advice? "You're just going to have to face your fears and don't be afraid to do it."

I love her attitude!

You CAN do it!

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