Nontraditional Student Groups - are you a member?

Are you in a nontraditional student group?
This could be a group on a college campus, a trade school, or a community education school. It could be a face-to-face group where you actually physically meet once a week, once a month, or once a semester.
Studying together.
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Your group might even be a group online.

Groups at schools and those online can be very helpful for nontraditional students. I can even see joining both for support. There is just something about a shared community that helps so much.

I have heard of nontraditional student groups at schools who actually have their own computer(s), study room, refrigerator, storage lockers, and school club mentors, who are usually staff members or teachers.

Many groups who are official join a national site like ANTSHE and award scholarships or recognition to high-performing nontraditional students too. More and more schools are becoming more aware of their older, nontraditional students and want them to feel at home and succeed.
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I commend all schools who are offering their nontraditional students help and support through the establishing of nontraditional student groups. It's such a good thing!

Are YOU in a nontraditional student group? Brag about your group, your state, and your school in a comment below this posting.

And here is something else: Find out about groups in your state by visiting the Nontraditional Student pages Map Page and clicking on your school or area. Is your group not listed? Just click here for instructions on how to list your nontraditional student group on the site.


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