Nontraditional students have two reasons to like Health Care Reform

Why I believe that Nontrads will like the new health care reform bill:

#1. They will have more affordable health care, and

#2. They will be more likely to be able to get more financial aid, because of a law bundled with the Reform Act, called the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act.

This Act will "help take the mystery out of getting a student loan", according to Andrea Hermitt, in her article, "College students have much to rejoice for in health care reform bill," published at the Walletpop site. Also, this new Act will hopefully contain costs and make loans more affordable.

Also, according to the House Committee on Education and Labor, the Act will "bolster college access" and also invests in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions.

Streamlining applications for aid is good news, because the old (current) FAFSA form is way too bulky and long to fill out. And more access is definitely a plus.

ALSO: student loan repayment will be based on income. This sounds great. I have a student loan, and there is no leeway there at all right now. With the economy the way it is right now, (and the way it will probably stay for awhile...) this will really help new students of all ages.

Ms. Hermitt says that there may be be drawbacks to the new SAFRA system too.  She believes that there may be bad customer service down the road and "monopoly-like behavior" too. 

I feel very positive about this addition to the Health Care Reform Bill, now known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

I have just touched a few of the many good things in this blog posting that this Bill will bring about.

And find out more:

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