Michigan Non-trad help pages

Non-Traditional Student websites and Groups
February, 2008 – MICHIGAN

I am putting some student groups and help pages from colleges and universities on this blog in order to put more of them on the Nontraditional Student website. These will be listed on the Michigan Page on the Non-Traditional website.

You can also add your group or make changes to your listing on the Nontraditional Student website anytime, too. Just fill out a form that sends it to me, and I’ll make changes or additions for you.

The Michigan Tech Nontraditional Student pages were made by an intern. They give the definition of a non-traditional student as:

"Nontraditional students meet one or more of the following criteria:

• 25 years old or older
• married and/or divorced
• has children
• a veteran
• returning back to school after a year or more"

Here is the welcome page, that links to others:

The welcome page features a message board that requires a password. It’s a great idea for people at the school. Another page shows non-traditional sites around the country, and they also have links to child care in the area. They post a survey on the site showing interesting facts about non-traditional students at Michigan State.

Michigan Technological University is located in Houghton, Michigan.

Northern Michigan University has a web page for Non-traditional students and commuter students. They are working on updating all their pages, so they may have more information later this year. Here is their link:
http://dso.nmu.edu/students.html. This page also links to childcare links of interest.
They also have a pdf tips page here for download:
They are located in Marquette, Michigan.

Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan has a web page just for non-traditional students too. Tops at this University is a Child Care Center for young children, the Spartan Child Development Center at http://www.scdc.msu.edu/aboutlinks.html. Students may apply for a Child Care scholarship. The center is close to campus, but has a waiting list. I didn’t find a non-traditional student group here, but there may be – because there are over 500 different student groups here. I was impressed with that!
Please send me your Michigan non-traditional student news, groups, and websites - so I can put groups and more Non-traditional student pages here. Thanks!