Non-traditional students and families

I think more and more teachers are realizing how hard it can be to go back to school and take care of a family at the same time. I had two classes in which people actually took their children to class. I go back and forth about this in my mind. One: people sometimes have emergencies and must put their children's needs and safety first. Two: sometimes there is not physical room in the class for children. Three: sometimes people won't really say what is really on their mind remembering that there are children in class.

Plus, being there MUST be so boring for them (the children forced to attend class with Mom or Dad.) Though it's true Mom or Dad brings homework or coloring books, those activities pale after the first hour of a 2 1/2 hour class.

Perhaps in the future students of all ages will know that they can both go to school AND take care of their children. Some colleges have daycares on campus. Others (like Western) have an office that directs parents to daycares around town.

What is the solution? I know that child care can be a problem, whether a person has to be at school in a class, or is working at a "regular" job. Any thoughts out there?