Sharing - two more great postings from, re: Summer plans, Colleges, Finals more.

Here are a couple of postings from, some ideas for your summer plans, final exams, more.

Here is the first posting from

Top Colleges by State, AP Exams, Engineering, & Dr. Who

... and the second one:

Here's How Students Can Get the Most Out of Their Summer
(plus some other articles...)

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Other Summer Plans
You may want to look into taking a couple of classes this summer OR working to get some money in the bank.

The classes idea MIGHT be especially good if you are missing some credits and won't graduate on time if you don't Take Action.

One of the best websites to use when preparing for finals is the Joe Landsberger site. You may also want to check out these postings from the blog:

#1. Ten Tips for Doing Well on Final Exams


#2. Get Organized for Finals

And GOOD LUCK on all your finals. Until next time,


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