My favorite Study Skills site - the Joe Landsberger Study Guides and Strategies site

Have you discovered the Study Guides and Strategies page yet?
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I went to check out one of my favorite study guide sites today. This site not only has SO many links to help all students study smarter, but can be translated into many different languages too.

The site is the Joe Landsberger Study Guides and Strategies website. I discovered it years ago, and really admired it. It covers so many different subjects. Now this great website has been completely redesigned, and it has even more information, pages, links, and help on it for students of all ages.

Some of the things he covers here, like Public Speaking, your personal Learning Style, studying with flashcards, group projects, intrinsic motivations of motivation, how to write great reports, and how to memorize things using different methods, are things that were covered in my Education classes.

Teacher Education students may find some of these links and pages familiar. Others can boost their learning speed and test scores a LOT by following Mr. Landsberger's advice.

If you are a nontraditional student who wants to get better grades, study smarter, learn more about research, do better on tests, and stay motivated, the Study Guides and Strategies site is the place to go.

Discovering the Study Guides and Strategies site today could help you ace your Midterms tomorrow. Good luck -  and I hope it really does. Wouldn't it be great to get a SUPER grade in your classes using some easy tips from Joe Landsberger?

And those nontraditional students who are parents, you can share these tips with your kids too.

Let me know what YOU think about the site after you check it out, and what places you went.

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