Nontraditional Students and Midterms - how is it going? Are you in the groove?

Nontraditional Students are in the groove this week.
Or are they?

In other words, are you having smooth sailing right now?

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It is a busy time for most nontraditional students right now. Some nontraditional students are in the middle of Midterms this week. Others have tests or quizzes. And yet others are working on term papers or other assignments.

Hopefully students are "in the groove", not in a rut, and are sailing along, well-prepared and doing well in all their classes.

How is it going, nontraditional students? Well, I hope.

I will share a couple of links and some ideas to help you with your studying today and through this semester.

The first one is the wonderful Son of Citation Machine site. This site has a handy footnote maker that helps you conform to APA, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago style while you are crediting your sources for term papers. Here is that link:
Son of Citation Machine.

The second one I shared last posting. It is the Joe Landsberger Study Guides and Strategies site. Here is that link:
Study Guides and Strategies.
As I explained earlier, this site helps you study smarter, but using proven learning and remembering methods. It also has lots of other good links to help with projects and a whole lot more.

More ideas
Have you started a study group for your more difficult classes? This is a time-honored method that still works today. The younger people in the study groups I started really benefited from it, as did I. We quizzed each other with questions each one of us thought would be on a test, and it was great to find out that the questions others had were completely different from those I had!

This reminds me, I need to write another posting about Study Group Tips. Be looking for it soon.

In the meantime, here is a posting link to help you start a study group if you want to:
Study Groups for Nontraditional College Students 

Good luck, everyone, on your tests and midterms.

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