Hello, Nontrads! Posting a new blog today. Spring & Summer. What's up? Anyone in Summer School?

A short-ish Telling on Myself story!

I remember being in college in the summer. It was at the end of my last year. (When I went to college first). This was NOT planned out. And I will tell on myself to let you know WHY I was in school then, instead of working.


I did not "interface" with my Advisor. I thought I had everything under control.

But of course, I didn't. I was faced with taking 2 classes I "clepped" out of in the beginning of my school year. This was awful. I could not graduate with my class! It was a total surprise. I suppose (looking back) that I could have fought this, but I didn't know how, and it was not presented to me as a choice.

BUT I did learn from this. I learned to TOUCH BASE with ADVISORS at least once a year. Once a semester would have  been even better.

So, you can learn from this, and do better.

I hope you are making some wise choices (unlike this one I made while in college). Comment below if something like this has ever happened to you. 

More on the PLUS side, summer is almost here! Yay! 

And things are not all bad. They do seem pretty bad this week on the news, but hopefully that can improve.

AND there is always the possibility of going back to school again. I am considering it, still. 

For now, I'm posting on my blogs, and selling online. So there is that. 

Hoping your Nontrad Journey is going well.

PS I will be re-doing my Nontrad site this year (hopefully). All it needs is to be useful on PHONES, and not just computers. It's a learning curve. So, if you are using your phone, it will not show up right - YET. I will be working on it soon. It should still be OK on your computer. 

COMMENT BELOW on what you would like to see here later. 


And don't forget to HAVE some FUN this summer, too. Make the time. XOXO