Make friends, study hard, have fun, start a group, and get support....

Life is not all about school and studying. OK, a lot of it is if you are a student, especially if you are going back to school after a break.
But there are other things that can make your experience a lot better.

#1: Make some friends...
This is ALWAYS a good idea if you can do it. You can make friends only around your own age, or you can reach out and make some younger friends too. I did... and now we are Facebook friends. It is so neat to be connected and see photos of marriages, new babies, etc. Plus they are good people to know. Some friends you make in school will move, and some won't. But you are probably used to that.

Here is another posting about that...

Link: <for Nontrads> How to Make Friends in College

Are things the same old, same old? Are you getting tired of the day to day grind of being back in school? Your school may offer lots of extra-curriculars and other activities. Check those out and join a fun group. You will make friends there most probably.

More ideas:
Link: Are you bored with school and want more fun?

Talking about groups, if your school does NOT have a Nontraditional Student group yet, YOU can make one. Just talk to the school people in charge. This can be a great way to get support.

This posting will help you with advice on how to do that.

Link: Form a Nontraditional Student group

AND support is a very good thing. Your school might have all kinds of group and support there already. It's up to you to take advantage of those things. You will need to find out about what your school offers.

There are other places to find support, too, while you are back in school.

Link: What Nontraditional Students need to Have
(includes different kinds of support)

All for now - - comment below!

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