Get Organized for Finals

Are you Organized?
You already might be. And I applaud you for that. But when I was in college first, I was NOT organized. It was a huge problem for me, especially at Finals time, when it was crunch time, and my last chance to get some of my grades up.

What Helped Me
The second time I was in college, I was a nontraditional student. I made some changes in the way I kept track of things. One important change was that I kept a daily organizer, which had my classes, times, final exams, tests, locations, phone numbers of classmates and/or study group members, and assignment due dates in it.

This helped me know exactly when things were due, and what I had to do each day. THEN I actually LOOKED in it every day to see what was going on that day and all week long. Most of the time.

Backwards Due Dates
I took the due dates of all the things that were due, then went a month or so back in the organizer and broke each final assignment and/or test into sections. I even put “one week left until Final Folder is due” just to remind me to get it in gear and have it mostly finished.

When possible, I would put “Get part of the Final Folder” (or whatever assignment was due) on earlier pages to split up the assignment(s) so I wouldn't be doing everything the night before.

Organized books, notes, and schedules
I found it VERY helpful to keep my books organized and in the same place in my house. I didn't have to look all over for them, and packed the right ones for each day. I had to, because otherwise my backpack would be WAY too heavy.

I had a different notebook for each class, which prevented losing notes or not being able to find them. I labeled each notebook in large letters with the class name, location, and class time on the front. This helped me save a LOT of time.

I organized my notes by using a new note method to zero in on important facts. (You can read more about this at The Divided Page blog page)

Organizing before class
It really helped me to have my clothes I was wearing to school, my purse, my notebook(s), and my keys ready the night before I had class. I let myself have extra time so that I would arrive to class early.

This helped me a lot, because I didn't have to run around and get stressed out looking for something I couldn't find before class.

Bring money to school
Organize your purse to have some money in it when you are at school, especially if there is a food court or cafeteria there, in case you need to get drinks and food.

Miss a class?
Make sure part of your organization includes a phone number and/or email for one or two people from class, so that you can get information and/or notes from any class you have to miss.

If you have this information already in your notebook or organizer, you are ahead of the game, and won't have to get the information later on – you might miss a quiz or other important information.

Organization and Finals
The more organized you are, the better you will do on your finals, and the less stressed out you will be, which will also help you. Good luck on your finals, and organizing for them!

Please list your organization tips and tricks here so I can add them. Thank you!

Oh - and GOOD LUCK, (super-organized) NONTRADS!

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