The Divided Page – The 2-column note page

I got this technique from a Western Kentucky University professor, Dr. Wininger.

Dr. W. suggests taking your notepaper and drawing a vertical line down it – coming in an inch or two at the left side. Draw the line all the way down the paper.

You may use lined or unlined paper.

Your paper will then have two columns, a smaller column at the left, and a much wider main notes section on the right.

You take notes as usual. Then, when your teacher says “remember this,” all you have to do is put a star on the left column next to the important material.

You can also draw an arrow or a line towards this important information.

When test or quiz time comes, you can put notes in the left column to help you study. You can abbreviate the information or use mnemotics making words out of longer information to help you remember what your teacher wants.

You will find the important places on your notes much easier this way, too.

Your 2-column note page should look like this: