10 Tips for Tests especially for the nontraditional student

It's time for your first tests - - maybe midterms - - maybe just quizzes for now.

Here are 10 tips to help you get the very best grade you can on all your quizzes and tests.

1. Start studying early. Yes, it's hard to study a little at a time, especially when you have so much else to do. Try making a study schedule, so you can spread out the memorization and note-copying over weeks instead of just a couple of days before the quiz or test. You'll find you remember more, and are less stressed.

2. Study with your freinds from class. Yes, study groups do still work. Make sure you have at least one get-down, question and answer session with your study group at least 2 days before the test or quiz. Each person will contribute his or her own take on the questions the teacher will have.

3. Try copying your notes over. If you have time, try typing your handwritten notes out. Sometimes, especially if you are a fast typist, this can help you remember what has gone on in class. OR you may choose to review your taped notes. Either way, it can help.

4. Highlight important sections in your notes so you can zero in on what is really important. This really can cut down on time.

5. Make sure you rest a lot before the quiz or test. This is something that seems so easy, but it isn't. You have to PLAN for rest. If you have studied ahead of time, it's a lot easier to do this. If you haven't done your studying beforehand, it is tempting to stay up and study. But you won't do as well that way.

6. Check your book and also be observant - - some teachers get questions from the book, some don't. If you have been observant, you might have also noticed when your teacher has said "Remember this - - it is very important" - - that's a definite clue that whatever he or she just talked about WILL be on the test.

7. Check the ProfEval site - this site may list your teacher or professor and ALSO might say what kinds of tests he or she gives. That gives you a GREAT clue about what to study also. If you have not checked this site out, now is a great time to start.

8. Make lists of terms or ideas you need to remember. Then make some way of remembering them. For instance, take the first letter of each term and make another word from them. This can jog your memory for each one. Some other mnemotics, or remembering techniques, can be found on the Joe Landsberger Site. These include flashcards, memorizing and the Index study system.

9. If you get nervous before tests, try visualization or imagining a peaceful place before you take your test. Concentrate on peaceful breathing and relaxing. You can practice these things before the actual test. Imagine and focus on having a good grade and doing well on the test. Try to refocus your mind on good and positive thoughts instead of negative ones.

10. Above all, remember that it is only a test. Hopefully you will do well, especially if you have studied correctly and done your best. But even if you have not, and feel that you could have done better on it, there is always the next one, where you can improve. You can focus on the rest of the semester, and study smarter next time.

Please add your own test and quiz tips! I would appreciate it.