The Ripple Effect - you can be a nontraditional student, and make a MUCH bigger ripple.

About making a living - plus thoughts about the Ripple Effect.

So... is your job just something to pay the bills? If you are lucky, your job pays the bills, is interesting enough, and lets you have enough time to pursue things you REALLY want to do, which might not pay much, if anything.

But it can get to a person - the feeling that there is something more out there - something you could do if you just had the knowledge to do it. The question becomes, what makes life worthwhile? Will you say that you really have spent your life doing something valuable? I know I have asked myself this. I wonder, am I helping others, am I doing a job that is important, no matter what it is?

It's hard to say what influence people have in their lives. People who have seen the famous movie "It's a Wonderful Life" may have their eyes opened to the Ripple Effect their lives can have on the people around them.

Sometimes you don't even know what a GREAT effect you have in your life. Some people make their livings pointing this out to people. What they say to people can be, You CAN make a difference. 

So... are you going back to school? You can be a nontraditional student anytime. It does not matter how old you are.

Going back to school can show you other ways of living, other ways of making your life have meaning.

Sometimes doing something you love every day will make an even BIGGER ripple out to the lives around you, and to the world.

Because you will care so much more about what you are doing.

Do you need to go back to school to do what you REALLY want to do with your life, and make a bigger ripple? You might. I know I think about it.


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