Top 5 Most Popular Postings right now via StatCounter.

I hope you like these Nontrad Blog postings a lot.

I look these up at the site StatCounter, which is a great FREE tracking service for blogs and websites.

This site tells you which pages are the most popular, and this changes week to week, and day to day.

Right now, here are the Top 5.

#1. Finding Scholarships and Grants for School

#2.  Must-have supplies for the adult college student

#3. Ivy League Schools are beckoning to nontraditional students

#4. Ten advantages of face-to-face classes, and

#5. Nontraditional students in the dorm. Really??

And here are other related links for commuter students, students going back to school after a break,  adult education students, adult college students, continuing education students, community college students, and more.

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