Nontraditional Students in the Dorm - - really??

When I first went back to school, the nontraditional student in a dorm was always somebody you just heard about...

you know, that older student that kept mostly to him or herself. The ONE student maybe. The one nobody ever saw much. The shy one. The one that might move out the next semester.
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But now, there are more nontraditional students who choose dorm life. Some married students can (again) access married housing too. (They will be able to do this later on at WKU, for one.)

Here are some neat links about that. And a question: are you thinking of going back to school, AND staying in a dorm? There definitely are advantages to it. You can many times incorporate it into your school loans, it is closer to classes, you can save on a car, etc. etc. etc.

You can then do as other (younger) students do, and maybe sign up for a meal plan and even go out for a sorority. Some of them are accepting older pledges today.

I think if I were not married, I would definitely consider living in a dorm while going back to school as an older nontraditional student. I found out already going back to school that some younger students don't mind befriending an older student. And that was a wonderful highlight of my school experience. I think staying in a dorm would mean even more friendship opportunities!

Here is another article from this blog about staying in a dorm:
(scroll down on this article to find more article links too.)

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This article talks about special "quiet floors" for nontrads! 

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Deb Peterson at the Continuing Education blog asks, Are you a nontraditional student living in a dorm? and talks about sharing a co-ed bathroom. Here is that link. Would you share a co-ed bathroom? I think I would. It would just be part of the whole experience. But I would definitely lock the door while I was in there.

If you have a story about a nontraditional student in a dorm, or are one yourself, leave a comment! Or leave one anyhow... Thanks.

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