Good luck for Fall Semester 2011, nontraditional students!

It's back to school time!

And this year things can be even better for nontraditional students. I will add - - in a lot of areas, and in a lot of different schools. There are more nontraditional students that are braving the dorms and other student housing, new options for buying or renting books, and more times and help than ever before for nontraditional students.

Many schools are adding new web pages just for nontraditional students now, I have noticed. These web pages can help with child care addresses, information, and just the nitty-gritty of where to go and what to do as a new nontraditional student.

I think that is great. I think the next step for many schools will be to help nontraditional students get more connected too, with special tours, offices, club areas, and advisors.

Good luck, nontraditional students, with the Fall Semester. May it lead to many "aha" moments!

Are you a nontraditional student? Do you notice greater help for nontraditional students at your school this year? Share your experiences, good or bad, in a comment. Thanks!

Former Nontraditional Student

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