Textbook options include renting, ebooks, more

Textbooks and Options!

I have been looking around on the internet to check out options for students to buy textbooks. The prices on textbooks can be high... so students are starting to explore other options besides buying new.
Some things you can do today are:

#1. Rent your textbook or get an e-book version (some of these are available for a limited amount of time, others you can buy outright).
#2. Check out online stores or sites.
#3. Get a used textbook from a University or College store. This can have advantages - you can trade them back in easier than some places, plus they know exactly what each instructor needs.
#4. Get a textbook from another student, using bulletin boards, school book exchanges, Craigslist, or word of mouth...
#5. Go online and read your textbook from an online area.
#6 (added later - thanks, TRR!)  Go to your school library - - they may have copies of textbooks you can use there.
Of course, you can still find your textbook new, which might be what you choose to do, depending on when you start looking for your textbook. Some schools let you know a long time ahead of time what your book is, your ISBN number, etc. and some schools do not.
I have listed some good links to explore. Some are online stores, some will rent or sell
books, and some will take your book back when you are done with it.
Websites and Ideas:
FlatWorld – free course books, customizable by teachers, available online.
Chegg.com offers textbooks for rent - very popular
(also has rentals)
Valore Books
(also has rentals)
Barnes and Noble’s new textbook section online
(includes rentals)
10 Ways to save on college textbooks
How to buy used college textbooks (at EHow)
Best Places to Save Money onTextbooks (from LifeHacker)
Half.com on Ebay
Free online textbooks: http://textbookrevolution.org/
Textbook 411, a textbook price comparison site: http://www.textbook411.com
Do you know of other options? Please list them here as part of your comments. Thanks.
And be sure to say hi at the bottom under "comments."
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