Nontraditional Housing - who wants to stay on campus?

To the dorm or not to the dorm?

It used to be that some colleges and universities offered family housing. Many did not. Nowadays, with the huge influx of older, nontraditional students, some colleges are doing a great job at offering family housing and older student housing. Some are listed below (and please let me know of others so I can add them...)

I can definitely understand not wanting to be in a dorm with all-younger students. And for families, this just is not a choice at all. Other single older students can feel they don't have much in common with much-younger students. Their life experiences have changed them, and they don't like the same things they used to like when they were younger. (Examples: loud music, staying up all night, etc.)

So I think it is wonderful when schools recognize that some students would appreciate having a choice in housing just like younger, traditional students do. A choice can be so helpful. Kudos to those schools that are offering this to their nontraditional students going back to school after a break.

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