Discrimination? You decide.

I read a story about an older college student recently on the Yahoo Nontrad Group. He is going back to college to be a physical therapy assistant. Seems he was told he can't stay in the dormitory on campus at Louisiana College because he is too much older than the other students. He is 52.

Say what?? I am (cough, cough) close to that age too!

This sounds like discrimination to me. I sure hope that the school changes their mind soon. Or maybe it is just a misunderstanding.

I am going to see if he posts in the next week or so, then I think I should put this online again and see if anyone there or online can help.

I personally know of at least three or four other students who are older AND staying in college dorms. It's simply easier for them. AND they learned how to get along with the other students too.

So keep reading here - - I plan to keep everyone informed on how this is going for SURE.

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