Ten advantages of face-to-face classes

Why do I like face to face classes best?
I guess it's because I learn better hearing the instructor talking and also learning with groups. It just helps somehow. I also like being able to study with study groups.

But there are some other reasons I prefer face-to-face classes over online classes.

#1.  In a face to face class, the material is covered more slowly. You have the chance to take notes and ask more questions. To me, getting a good grade is easier in a face-to-face class.

#2. If you are on campus anyhow, you can check out the library, get books, or study in a quiet area. You can also use the school computers.

#3. If you want, you can also use the school's gym facilities, if it has them. At WKU, they had a great area for running, swimming, and classes. I didn't take advantage of it like I should have, but it is a great plus for students.

#4. They have choices of food places there, and you can eat close to your class OR eat your lunch there. Sometimes it is fun to eat out, or eat elsewhere.

#5. You can make friends there. There is something about being actually in physical proximity that helps you get to know somebody.

#6. You an start or attend a nontraditional student group on campus. Maybe you have a class anyway that day. Or not. But if you are at school or can get there, many schools let groups have a room there at the school to meet.

#7. You can get to know your instructors personally, by going to their on-campus office and/or scheduling an appointment. Seeing your instructor in person can make you feel more connected.

#8. If you have classes far apart, you can choose to do a lot of walking, which is good exercise.

#9. You get away from home, which helps break up the day. I know if I had signed up for all online classes, just being at home all the time would not have been as interesting.

#10. You can become familiar with the campus, and attend student events, plays, and lectures there. This can add a new facet to your learning.

I don't have anything against online classes. I even have taken some. I just personally prefer face to face ones. I enjoyed the ones I took, and made some friends too.

Just saying. You may not have a choice. Your class may be offered ONLY online, or you may be attending an online school.

BUT if you have the chance, I'd say to take ALL face-to-face classes or take a combination.

What kind of classes do YOU prefer? Take the poll and find out.

I look forward to finding out what others say. Later!

 -Nontraditional students are going for their dreams.


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