Midterms and grades - how to improve them...

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Midterm Testing...
How did you do?
I have been hearing some stories about midterm testing from some nontraditional students. These tests are often bigger and more important than other tests. At least they used to be. Some instructors like to attach a huge bunch of points to their midterms.
Many people have already taken all of these tests and have done well. Some may not have done as well.
This has happened to me before. I have gotten a lower grade than I expected on some midterm exams. Sometimes, though, I came back and got a better grade on the next big test, or all the quizzes. Sometimes a report helped my grade too, because I got a good grade on that. If you are concerned, you may want to go to talk with the instructor. It is possible that you may be able to do some extra credit to up your grade.
You may also want to form a study group (how to do that) and make sure your next test is passed with flying colors.
Good luck on midterms, and if you are in school right now, I hope things are going very well with all your classes.
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