Get to Know your College Professors…

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How do you get to know your college professors?

One way is to go to see them during their office hours. Ask them questions about your assignments. They will appreciate your extra effort in trying to do a good job on your assignments and learning.

Some students feel that talking outside of class to a professor means that you are trying too hard to make a good grade. I disagree. Most professors welcome questions and want to get to know their students.

Some professors stay a little bit after class to discuss questions with students. You can be one of those students if you don’t need to leave class right away for another class. Use this time to really know how to do an assignment, or make an appointment to see them later.

You will make points with your professor for asking any questions. “There is no such thing as a stupid question,” one of my professors used to say. The unsaid sentence was “People who don’t ask questions when they have them are the stupid ones…” Why? Because they won’t ever know the answers to their questions.

Why do it? Two More Good Reasons to get to know your professors

First, you will know more about what will be on the quizzes, tests, and exams by asking the professor about them. Professors feel more valued when they are asked questions, and their appreciation can spill over into better grades for you.

Secondly, you may want your professor’s help when it comes time to get a job. Those professors really do meet a lot of people, and know the plum jobs and assignments. Do you want a working assistantship or summer internship? There you go.

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