More about Study Groups

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Today I want to remind non-traditional students about the power of study groups. I was in several study groups when I was a non-traditional student at Western Ky. University. They really helped me prepare for tests, share the workload, and see things from other points of view.

Also, I felt like I was making important connections that I still have today.

There is a great article on study groups here at

In the article, Sharon Daugherty shares her views about study groups and why they help non-traditional students. She suggests picking a diverse group because then you will get many different takes on the same lessons. Also, each member will tend to excel in a different area.

It's not necessary to "go it alone" when you are in school. My advice is to take advantage of a study group for every class if you can. If there is not already a study group you can join, you can make your own. Simply ask people in the class if they would like to be in a study group. You may be surprised at the positive response.