Ack - what to do when you are sick...AND a nontraditional student.

The cold and flu season is upon us. And I personally am sick today. It packed a double whammy, I guess because I was thinking I would not get a cold this year.

Which got me to thinking. What can a nontraditional student do when he or she gets sick? This is equally bad to happen for everyone, but for the student, what can be done? If people don't show up for class, they don't get the information they need.

I would quick be in touch with the instructor and tell them if I were sick, and arrange to get the information from another student, who I had arranged ahead of time to take notes for me if I was ever not there. This is SO helpful. Especially because if you do not arrange ahead of time, many students will not have any notes to share with you. Because some students in classes today simply do NOT take notes. I know, it's surprising, but I found it to be true.

Then, get back as soon as you can to class or online to class. You don't want to infect everyone at school, but sometimes it's possible to take some strong medicine and keep away from others and still get your work done.

What do YOU do when you are sick? I now when I was student teaching I went anyway, because it was simply easier. Then I realized I should have just stayed home. So maybe the overachievers out there need to realize that too. Because if you don't stay home and get well, your illness could get worse.

A great thing on some campuses, if you are in a face to face class, or have use of the facilities, is that there can be good health services there, who can help with medicine, a nurse visit, etc. which will help you get well faster.

Here is to your health!


This cute sick bird drawing is from the ever-free and public domain art site

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