YOUR best study tips...

Study Tips for Nontraditional Students - what are YOUR tips?

 I can list some of MY best study tips. And I will today. But I also would like to know yours. What helps you from day to day? What things have you learned since you started back to school?

I know that organization was key when I went back to school. Keeping everything in its place saved countless hours for me, especially when it was time to study for a quiz or test.

I no longer put every subject in the same folder. I used to think this would save time for me, because I would just grab one folder and always had paper in it no matter what.

But what would happen is that the notes from the different classes would get mixed up. And I would have to spend time moving them around too much.

Some other things that helped me as a nontraditional student were forming study groups, keeping a calendar that I carried with me all the time, sitting in the front of the class where I could hear the teacher better, getting phone numbers and names from other class members just in case, and using a highlighter on my notes.

I also used a new note-taking method, where I left a space at the left of my notes (and drew a vertical line down each page) so that I could jot down notes, add arrows, and note what the instructor said would possibly be on tests.

I also made sure I had extra pencils and pens, plus extra paper so I didn't run out. Some other students knew this and would borrow from me. I didn't mind that. I think it made me more popular!

What are some of YOUR tips and hints for studying better and smarter?
I would love to know them.

Thanks ahead of time!


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