Bite your tongue, nontraditional student! Plus a few more tips for classroom success.

Are you in a face-to-face class? Do you sit in front and ALWAYS raise your hand? Just stop. Really.

Other people want to be able to answer questions too. It can be really annoying to WANT to enter into the classroom conversation and always be waiting around for the older student to stop talking.

Try being quiet for a change. You might find it helps everyone.

Some other things to consider:

1. When asked to share about something, try to keep it short and sweet. Though it's true that your story about meeting a bear in the woods and living through it is oh-so-interesting at parties, chances are that your fellow students just want the teacher to go over the 15 more test questions before the end of class. Don't be annoying or a know-it-all (even if you think you DO know more about some things...)

2. Try making a few friends - - just ask about (maybe) starting a study group or if you can share info. just in case one of you has to miss class sometime.

3. Smile at your neighbor in class sometimes. Carry extra pencils or pens. You yourself might need to borrow one sometime.


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