Summer Positive Possibilities for Nontraditional Students

Summertime is full of possibilities for nontrads.

They can get a summer part-time or full-time job (or just concentrate on their regular job for awhile), they can get a summer internship, work at a camp or other summer type job, continue going to school in a summer term, and much more.

What are YOU choosing to do this summer?

Some colleges allow nontraditional students to stay in dorms in the summer if they are still in school. Others have them move into another nearby dorm for the summer session. Other nontraditional students don't have to worry about this, because they are living at home.

If you have not graduated, now can also be the time to sign up for classes and make sure you have everything lined up for next Fall too. Are you on the right track? Now's the time to talk to your school Advisor and dot those i's...

Adding: here are some Positive Possibilities for you for this summer.

1.  You can plan your next Semester at school, keeping OR changing your focus and even your major or area of study.

2. You can take some time off for a vacation or just some time for yourself.

3. You can get a summer job to make things easier for you down the road.

4. You can enroll in a summer class - or even take more!

Can you think of more possibilities for a Super Summer?

I'd love to hear about your nontraditional student journey. You can read about other nontraditional students here at the site on the right side too.

Have a GREAT graduation and a TERRIFIC summer full of fun, whatever you choose.

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