To Summer School or Not to Summer School... that is the question...

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Summer School or Not...

At least one student has written me about a decision NOT to go to summer school this year. Why? Because the money just wasn't there. She plans to work this summer, then go back to part-time school in the Fall. It's just more affordable for her right now.

Why go to summer school?
Some students MUST go to summer school because they need a class in a certain order, and the class is offered at a time that suits them. Either that or they don't have a job lined up and figure they may as well do something positive with the time, and get a few classes ahead.

The nuts and bolts
Some universities offer two summer sessions, and others just one. The pace can be harder or about the same. The classes I took in the summer seemed harder for me because the same amount of work had to be done in a lesser amount of time. The teachers did NOT dumb down the class just because there was less time for learning.

Assistantships or working at school in the summer
A summer job may not be as easy to find in this recession year. The common sense advice I would give is to apply for assistantships, student work, or other jobs in or out of school as early as possible. You may find a lot more competition this year, so hopefully a nontraditional student's out-of-school and life experience will be a plus factor in getting that job that could make a big difference.

Making do with your regular job
Hopefully you have an understanding boss and a job with flexible hours, because your summer school class hours may not jibe with your regular hours during "regular" school semester time. This CAN work out though, as can a new job in the summer. OR if you have plenty of money or a supportive spouse, you can work out a vacation this summer. (Or if you are like me, you can always DREAM about a vacation and do needed work around the house instead.)

Other ideas
Write me with other ideas for this summer. Do you plan to go to summer school? Have you got a summer job lined up? Or perhaps you are continuing with the same job you had Spring semester. Or do you just want to relax and have a Staycation?

Write a comment on this post to let people know what you decide to do. Share your plans. Thank you!

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