Celebrate! It's the end of Spring Semester! 10 Summer Ideas for Nontrads

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What other Nontraditional Students are doing...

I know you may still be winding up your semester, getting ready to graduate, or enrolling in summer school. But many nontraditional students are considering what to do after this, the end of the semester.

If you aren't already finished, you soon will be. It will be the end of final projects, the end of finals, and the end of crash studying. At last!

But now what?

Some of you will easily transition to "just the job..." or easily relax after school is done for the semester. But others will probably want to have some ideas. Here are some I thought of today:

1. Pamper Yourself. Do some things you have been putting off, like getting that new hairstyle or spa treatment.

2. Read and Relax. Get that favorite book out and have a fun time NOT having to do homework for a change.

3. Go on vacation, even if it's just nearby. If you can swing it, try staying at a relative's house or even a hotel for awhile. Yeah.

4. Have a picnic at home or at a park. This is very relaxing.

5. Take some time to garden, organize your house, the garage, etc. Completely forget about having to re-register for school. Or take care of that early and then do a project.

6. Do a craft project you have been putting off. For example, get out those easily-fixable bracelets and necklaces that just need a jump hook. Attach them and voila! New jewelry.

7. Get together with a neighbor, friend, or favorite family member and have an old-fashioned tea and cookies gab session.

8. Journal. Start a Summer Journal and put your thoughts, ideas, wishes, drawings, and more in it. If you need some inspiration on how to journal, check out the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. She has great ideas here, especially if you are artistic in any way.

9. Go to see a movie. Get popcorn and drinks too. If you are adventurous, and have one nearby, go see an outdoor drive-in movie and sample the snacks there too.

10. Spend $10.00 at a Dollar Store, buying little knick-knacks for Christmas presents for friends and family (or maybe the mailperson?). OR go yardsaling or thrift store shopping. This is a great picker-upper for many people.

Got another end-of-school pick-me-up to add? Just add it in the comments.

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