More Tips for Nontraditional Students: 10 situations, plus possible solutions.

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Have things "gone South" for you, school-wise? Here are some things that might have happened to you that you should be prepared for, and some tips to help you survive them.

FYI: With all of these things, make sure you talk to a trusted friend AND your school Advisor to see if there are some other customized fixes you can consider too.

Next we will be delving deeper into each one of these situations, and coming up with even more solutions and ideas.

#1. Your grades are NOT what you want.

You can always take the class over, maybe extend the time (take an Incomplete), or move on to another class you can do better in.

#2. You don't have the credits to graduate.

This has happened to more people than just you... consider a summer class or classes to finish with school faster.

#3. You are NOT interested in the same things you used to be.

Consider changing your direction - - you major - - or your plan.

#4. You don't know if you want to continue, for any reasons. You feel burnt out.

Try talking to a Counselor (sometimes free at some schools) and decide for sure what you want to do. If you drop out, you may need to start paying your Student Loans quicker.

#5. You have Student Loans that seem to be adding up too fast.

Consider getting a part-time job to help you pay for more things yourself. OR a summer job. There are also some work-study programs available at some schools.

#6.  You may want to transfer schools.

No problem - - but make sure that the new school accepts credits from your other school. AND make sure you can get in the following semester. Check and see if you are in-state too.

#7. School has become boring and not fun at all.

See if you can join a Club or Nontraditional Student group at your school. This might help.

#8. You wanted A's, you got B's or C's.

This is not the end of the world. You can always take a class again, but you may not need to. Try joining a study group if a class seems to be difficult to you next semester.

#9. Going to school part-time seems to take forever.

Know that you are not alone... one of these days, you WILL have completed your studies. Think of the long-term picture and try to be patient. ALSO: consider amping things up and going full-time, IF you have enough money and/or support.

#10. (For the beginning or the middle of the semester only) You have signed up for too many classes.

Investigate the Drop Class policy at your school. If you do it by the deadline, you may be able to drop one or more classes. Don't wait for this.

Adding: NEXT: We will delve into each one of these situations deeper, starting with #1. 

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Good Luck this Summer!

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