Nontrads, are you in a Nontrad Student Group?

First off, I know some nontraditional students are going back to school online.

Others are combining on and offline classes.

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But if you have a chance to join a Nontraditional Student Group at your school, I would say to do it. You can make some friends there, learn about your school, and get support too.

Some groups have babysitting services or address lists, others have Nontraditional Student events on or off campus. Some schools support their Nontrad groups by offering memberships to Pinnacle and Spire or to ANTSHE.

I like the schools that offer group support with mentors and advisors. These groups can be so helpful.

You can check to see if your group has a Nontraditional Student group at two sites: the Nontrad Website and also at ANTSHE.

If your school does not have a group, you can form one.

Here is a posting about how to do that.

Forming a Nontraditional Student Group

You can also join an online Nontraditional Student discussion group here: Nontrads on Yahoo.

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Nontraditionally yours,


Former Nontrad and "homeschooling" online student

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