Joining groups in school - is it for you?

Some benefits of groups in school

Whether you are in Tech school, college, or getting your GED, chances are that there may be some groups there that you are able to join. Some are related to your major or course emphasis, some may even be Sororities or Fraternities, and some may be Nontraditional Student groups.

I have heard some nontraditional students tell me that they have so many responsibilities that they cannot make one meeting a week or even a month. But other nontrads tell me that belonging to a group while they go to school actually helped them stay motivated and even helped their grades.

What is my story about joining groups? I re-started and joined a nontraditional student group while I was back in school. I found it to be very helpful to me. I also joined an English club. I liked it! It was fun to make new acquaintances and friends there. It made me feel more part of the school - that I belonged.

I thought about joining other groups, too, but didn't. If I ever do go back to school for writing, art, or another subject, I will seriously consider joining another group and re-starting the Nontrad group if it isn't there.

I hear that some Sorority and Fraternity groups are starting to admit older members. Does anyone know if this is true? I definitely should look into that. It would make a great story.

So how do YOU feel about joining groups while you are back in school, nontrads?

Have you joined a group at school? If so, what kind?

Please comment at the end of this article and let me know your opinions and experiences.

Nontraditionally yours,
Former Nontrad and "homeschooling" online student

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