The Prof Eval website

...why ProfEval is a handy site.

I have listed this great resource before, but I want to tell new readers about it today too.

It is the the Prof Eval site. There used to be one called Pick a Prof too, but they are not as good.

Prof Eval lets you search for evaluations on teachers and professors for many different schools. You just list your area and school and zero on on classes you are thinking of taking. You will find reviews that will really help you if you have the choice and time to pick your classes.

Let me know if you find this site helpful. I know I did.

I just took the Pick a Prof site off my links area.

Also: I was reminded of another good site on comments. It is "Rate My Professors" at You get to say if your professor is hot by rating him or her with a Hot Tamale. Sounds fun!


Why Pick a Prof is no longer as good
by That College Kid

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