The Writing Center - - do you have one? They are very handy.

The Writing Center - - a Great Resource for Nontrads and all Students.
When I was first in school, help was available for students who were writing papers of all kinds. Other students could tutor you for pay (#1), or you could ask someone in your class for help for free (#2) or you could ask your teachers for help (#3).

Today, you can also go to the internet for help. But the internet is not the only resource for students who need a little help with papers of all kinds.

Western Kentucky University's Help Center is called the Writing Center.

Here is that web link: The Writing Center, WKU.

Other colleges or schools probably have other names for this helpful place. Other students critique papers, help with sentence structure, narrowing down a topic, making an outline, or generally guiding other students towards a successful paper on any topic or for any class.

This resource is free, and open to all students. I have a feeling free help is available in many other schools, and not just for English papers.

Get familiar with the free resources at your school. Your school library is a good place to start looking. Also, these kinds of places may also be listed on your school's website.

Ask around and find out about where the Labs or Resource Centers are at your school, and take advantage of the free help there.

And have the best of good luck on your nontraditional student journey!


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