The end of the semester is in sight, nontrads...

Are you excited?
New Phone Excitement - by ashn22 on Flickr.

The end is in sight for this semester, nontraditional students.

Here is a handy site and two links to help you coast towards the end of this semester's classes.

#1. I gave this site to my daughter this semester. I figured it would help her citing sources for papers. It is the Son of Citation Machine, a great site for plugging in your information and receiving help on those pesky source citations.


And here are two articles from this blog about doing well on tests and finals:

#2: 10 Tips for Doing Well on Final Exams

#3. Get Organized for Finals

I hope everyone is doing great and sees that proverbial Light at the End of the Tunnel and feels good about this semester.

Do you have some fun Winter Break plans? Or maybe you plan to go school again for Winter Term?

Whatever you have planned, do have a wonderful holiday and here is hoping school is going just fine.


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