Tips from other Blogs - - and some Holiday Wishes

I hope all nontraditional students are well-organized right now and zooming towards a great finish this semester.

I have posted some FREE links for Control Journals on another blog, the Moon and the Willow Tree. One of them is just for students who live in a dorm. You can download it on the Flylady Control Journal page here: FlyLady College Student Control Journal

You probably won't need the Dorm Room hints OR the hints on how to keep your room clean for yourself, but the other forms available on this FlyLady page do have some good hints on them.

Come to think of it, this College Student Form is a GREAT form to give YOUR college-age son or daughter.

The Teacher form is a good one, and may help some Teacher Education students or teachers keep their classroom more organized. Check out the others, and see if they fit your needs. They are free, and download in PDF form to your computer.

On my Find Scholarships and Grants blog, I have listed some useful blogs that send you updates via email. It is called Great Scholarship blogs - subscribe and get the scholarship news on time.

Things going well? Final projects getting done? Studies winding down? Grades OK? I hope things are going great now at the end of the semester.

Here are a couple of other blog postings from right here that you might like:

Get Organized for Finals

10 Study Tips for nontraditional students

And if you need extra help (and who doesn't!) on hard classes, or you just want to get your grades up, you might consider starting a study group.

Here is a posting to help you do that:

Study Groups for Non-traditional Students

How are things going, nontraditional students? Take a minute, leave a comment, and let me know.

And have a GREAT holiday.



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