Winter Term - love it or hate it?

One of the newer trends in higher education is having a Winter Term. This term nestles in-between Fall and Spring terms.

Let me first explain my use of the word "newest."

For people like me, who first attended school more than 20 years ago, this is a new phenomenon. But Winter Terms have been around for years. The term is nestled between Fall and Spring semesters.

For example, Western Kentucky University has their Winter Term is from January 3rd through January 25th. Registration began for this term in October.

I can see how people would want to attend both Winter and Summer terms. It is a chance to catch up on classes, and maybe take a special class that is not offered at other times. Perhaps an important prerequisite is needed, and taking a class during this shorter term is necessary.

Nontraditional students are faced with prerequisite challenges all the time, just like other students. One class MUST be taken before the next one, in order. So they must be careful to plan for that.

Are you in a Winter Term class right now? Do you like it? Would you be interested in going during that time? Do you think the best colleges or schools should offer a Winter Term?

Or are you waiting until a "regular" semester to take a class you need? I am curious as to what other students, interested persons, or former students think about Winter Term.

There are reasons I think people would like Winter Term (such as availablity of courses). The reasons I probably would not like it are:

1. You don't have as much time to learn the material
2. It's cold outside!
3. You don't get a Winter Break then, which can be fun.

There may be other reasons why a Winter Term is good or bad. Write down what you think, as a comment below.

I have a poll here called "Winter Term: Love it or hate it?" I will vote first.  You don't have to love or hate it. There are other choices. I am so curious to see what people will say. :-)

Nontraditionally yours,
Elizabeth Sheppard
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