Nontraditional Students: Ten New Year's Resolutions

The New Year 2011 - and Nontraditional Students' Resolutions

I wonder what nontraditional students currently in school are having for their New Year's resolutions.

I can guess some of them:

#1. I will sign up for my classes much sooner, so I get the ones I want.

#2. I will cut back on my procrastination, and will divide my studies throughout the time of the course to make it easier to finish projects.

#3. I will make a determined effort to introduce myself in class and to be friendly to other students.

#4. I will still ask questions in class but just not so many, so as to let other class members have some questions time.

#5. I will make sure I am taking classes that will lead to something that I will enjoy, not just something that is expedient or takes less time.

#6. I will listen to my inner "still, small voice" and realize that sometimes my intuition is right on.

#7. Although it could be scary, I will consider going on and getting that other degree or course.

#8. I will make a study area just for myself at my home, or find a good study spot to use someplace else. I will carve out time just for myself for both studying and relaxation.

#9. I will apply for scholarships and grants in my spare time.

#10. I will count my blessings as much as possible.

 I know there are more great resolutions that would be of help to nontraditional students. Can you think of some more? What are YOUR New Year's resolutions?

Nontraditionally yours,

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