Nontrads, Ted Williams, and being homeless - here's to second chances!

Listening to Ted Williams and his mother this morning really got me thinking.

Ted Williams is now a famous man and soon will hopefully have a home.

Isn't it an inspiring story to hear about Ted Williams, his magical "Golden Pipes" voice, and the job offers that are turning his life around? I heard him interviewed this morning and was thrilled to hear his mother telling about her journey, and listen to him telling about his new second chance, and how he was going to turn his life around.

Ted Williams hopefully will be the official voice for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and perhaps announce for the Cleveland Cavaliers too. I think that is so great. It is just amazing that just a little while ago, Ted Williams was homeless and on a street corner holding a sign, like many others out there. It looked like there was little hope things would change for him.

I was homeless once - or close to it. I lived in a car in California for awhile. So this story really spoke to me. It's true what they say - - you never know... being homeless CAN happen to you, especially if your life changes and your money runs out. You simply may not have another option. I was one of the lucky ones to actually have a car and a few dollars for gas. (We are talking few...) I didn't have to panhandle on the street like Ted Williams did, but still, it was a scary time. I didn't know where (or when) we would eat next, or where we would be able to park the car to sleep from day to day. Ted Williams was from a good family, and so was I. But having that going for you doesn't always prevent something bad from happening, I found out.

Luckily for me, this part of my life did not last long.  True, it was a scary time. But it taught me to be careful, and to count my blessings, for I still had a lot of blessings to count, no matter how hard things got.

To get back to the subject, I think nontraditional students as a whole can identify some with Ted Williams, the most famous homeless man in the country today. They have something in common with him. They are both starting over again. They are both operating from a place of faith. For example,  Ted Williams is acknowledging "the God of his understanding" through AA. And Nontraditional students also have to take a leap of faith to go from the known - a comfortable place -  but maybe not so great - to the unknown.

It can be scary to change things, even if a person knows it's the right thing to do. The unknown can be scary. A new job or place in life can also be scary, and that is what is facing nontraditional students after school is finished.

Ted Williams says what people can do in a scary situation is to "build up your  faith and support system...". What great advice for nontraditional students. His mother's advice to her son is, "Start a new life." And that is what Ted Williams and many nontraditional students are doing right now.

What else makes Ted William's story like some nontrad stories? Well, many nontraditional students don't know which jobs they will be offered later on. Will the economy get better? Will there be a job waiting for them? Nontrads really can be living in a scary place, thinking about all the loans they have to pay back later on too.

Again, change itself is scary, even if it is good change. I know that there is no guarantee that life will always go your way.

But here's to second chances!

This is the video I saw this morning: (I think you will like it!) Ted Williams "Golden Pipes" reconnects with his Mom. (video)

Nontraditionally Yours,  

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