My big list of Nontrad links

Here is another BIG list of nontraditional student links. These are handy to try… sometimes just going to another nontraditional student site can be uplifting, full of tips, and give good ideas. Some of these sites I have been collecting for a long time.

Some of these sites I just found today by going to my regular sites and seeing who they had on their favorites lists. My sites are marked with an asterix (*).

Here are some I like. I will be adding more as I hear about them, or will be putting them on a later list.

Blogs, Sites, and more - for nontraditional students.

Older Nontrad Student – this is Zickbee’s site. She tells about her nontrad journey as she goes through school.

OWNER NAME CORRECTION: It is Colleen (Leen the Bean) who has a great blog called Going the Distance: Three Credits at a Time here:
I like it a lot! Sorry to have the wrong name here the first time, Colleen. This blog is about "Distance learning off the coast of Maine" and other interesting things.

My Life as a Mature Age Student – this nontraditional student lives in Australia.

Diaries of a Neurotic Nontrad
This blog is written by a 30-something nontraditional student. She has been back in school for the last 5 years.

*The Nontraditional Student  website
Find help, support, and links for studying, groups, your FAFSA, and more.

*Nontrads on Facebook
Be our next member! Share about school, meet other nontrads, get support and information.

*Nontrads on Twitter:

A group of nontraditional students and people who help them. Find answers to questions, talk about what matters to you, share your nontrad journey.

Rantings of a Middle-Aged College Student
Brandywine works full-time AND goes to school full-time. Wow. She is a history major and a Spanish minor.

Never too Late to Learn
Stuart attends the University of Sheffield. He is studying for an IT degree.

My Second Career: A Doctor
Follow a medical student who is going for his second profession.

Student Mum lives in the UK and is studying Victorian literature.

The Mature? Student
This student is writing about going back to school after 31 years. She tells about her writing, her classes, and lots more. She has some other nontraditional students in her classes, it sounds like. She lives in Ireland!

Sweet Sue is a nontraditional student at Portland State University.

Deb’s Continuing Education blog
There are many stories on this site, advice, links, and just lots of very useful stuff. Deb Peterson is in charge of this site.

Career Alley – lots of job advice, sites, and articles.

Academic, Hopeful
The thoughts and blog postings of a PhD. Candidate.

Reaching Lifelong Goals as a Nontraditional Student
Redfokker is 53, and is a history major at Oregon State University. He writes about school, plus his journeys to historical places.

Scholarships and Grants
*My Scholarships and Grants site
Another big list: my ScholarsGrants big list of scholarship links and sites

GED Stories
Although many of my readers are in college, some are also getting their GED. Here is a site I really like, and comment here a lot. It is called GED stories. Real people write what it is like to go back to school.

ANTSHE – this is a site for nontraditional students around the world. You can join as a student group or individually. They have a conference every year.

Adult Student links

Old Pre-Meds for Nontraditional Students (OPM)

Nontraditional Medical Student – getting into medical school for older nontraditional students.

Son of Citation Machine


SparkNotes study guides

Let me know which sites you like the best, and don't forget to comment here with your favorites or ones you would like me to add.

Do YOU have a nontraditional student site? Let me know by commenting here too.

Nontraditionally Yours,