What I am grateful for... about my nontraditional student experience

I am grateful! I went back to school after a LONG break, and found out things about myself that I didn't know I could still do. As an older student, this meant a lot.

Who knows? Maybe I will go back again someday.

A lot of people are using this Thanksgiving week this year to write down what they are thankful for. Some people are saying that they are thankful for family, some for friends, and some for having a roof over their heads.

As a nontraditional student, I know I am grateful for many things about my experience. Here are just a few:

1. I learned a lot about LEARNING - - so it's easier for me to learn anything else now too. I also found out what helps me learn - - for instance, I learn better by listening and taking notes, because I am an audio learner, among other learning styles.

2. I made some great friends - - who now are on Facebook so I can follow their lives. I had fun getting to know them better in study groups too.

3. The experience inspired me to make a Nontraditional Student webpage, blog, and Yahoo page, as well as a Twitter page. These can be fun to do, and it's fun when others like them too.

4. I have greater self-confidence now. I found out that I can complete a course and complete projects and papers on time. I am better organized too, because I learned how to split up projects.

5. I got a lot of exercise walking up and down the WKU hill to classes and back. I also got in a lot of walking from my car and back.

What are you grateful for as a nontraditional student? Can you think of other things to add? Leave a comment!


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