The 5 most popular postings from 2016 - and have a GREAT New Year!

Here they are: the 5 most popular and read postings from this blog, the Nontraditional Student blog.

#1. (MOST popular): Ivy League Schools are Beckoning to Nontraditional Students

#2. 10 Advantages of Face-to-Face classes (my favorites)

 #3. Must-have supplies for the Adult College Student

#4. Non-traditional Students Tips and Links


#5. Motivational Links from the Student Doctor Network

Have a GREAT New Year. The best of luck to everyone this year too. Are you going to school after a break? Are you thinking about it? You can find more links at your State and Country pages here:
The Nontraditional Student website: Support for all Nontraditional Students.

Another (2017) Nontraditional Student Newsletter is coming out soon, hopefully this Spring.

Be looking for it!


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