Your Nontrad Monthly Motivation for December, 2016

Hi to all nontraditional students! (and those who help them.)

This month: People are winding up or getting ready for next semester's work.

Do you have a report to finish? Are you already done with everything? Some have signed up for a course or two for Winter Term.

I hope some of you have time for a real break. It's important to have at least a small break once in awhile to stay motivated. Don't carry on your work for EVERY day of your break...

My advice: TAKE A BREAK - - even if just for 1/2 a day.


And while you are in your comfy chair, or on your hiking trip, (or whatever you are doing) - - take a break from that, (if you can), and come visit the Nontraditional Student FB page:,

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Relax beach writing photo by MGDBoston on Morguefile.

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