Does YOUR school have special programs for Non-traditional Students?

Greetings to all nontraditional students, those who help them, AND people thinking of going back to school after a break.

Services for Nontraditional Students
I am just curious. Does YOUR school, or the school you are thinking of attending, have special programs for nontraditional students? I hope so.

Your school may offer: special tutoring classes, or places to study, clubs or organizations, even parties or special events for older students. Other schools have special babysitting services, places to put books in-between classes, special Advisors, and a lot more.

Check out what schools have before going to them, if you can.

Facebook pages
I have noticed online Facebook pages for commuters and Nontraditional Students are really doing a great job and getting the word out on services for Nontraditional Students. You can see these Facebook pages at the FB page for Nontraditional Students here: You can also post at the site.

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Good luck with your studies! And with your dreams.

E. Sheppard
Former Nontraditional Student in Education
Possible Nontraditional Student in Art next!

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