A Nontrad Story - Michelle at Cornell

What is in this blog entry: Michelle Y. Talbert tells about some of her experiences as a nontraditional student at Cornell. Michelle doesn't know if she really fits in at first. She feels like she might not belong there. 

She struggles with feelings that she is not good enough, not educated enough. Then she realizes that these first impressions are not actually true ones. 

A Homer by Another Name: A Tale of the First Day of School for a Nontraditional Student by Michelle Y. Talbert.

This is a great article. It tells a story about a nontraditional student and her feelings about being at Cornell. She ran the gamut of feelings from "great triumph" to "utter despair."
Here is a quote from her article:

"You must do whatever it takes so that you may continue to walk the path, however winding it may be, to achieve the goal set before you."

She was at a community college first, and then transferred. This is a fun article, and worth a look.

Here is the article link:

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