Nontrads and User Groups - a great combination

Hi again, fellow nontraditional students.

I recently wrote a posting here on the Nontraditional Student Blog about Computers and Nontraditional students. I talked about how hard it is sometimes for nontraditional students to learn about computers. Here they are, in school, and they HAVE to know computers. It can cause some real problems for them.

Their fellow students have grown up with computers, but they haven't. They might not even be able to type very well. What can they do?

I had a great comment (thanks, Tina) about this blog entry. Here it is:

It is really hard for a lot of older people going back to school to get the hang of using the computers. We just changed our computer systems at the public library and so many people are having trouble adjust from the 2003versions of the Microsoft programs to the 2007 versions. Even our staff, especially the older members of staff are having a hard time. The kids are fine with it because they use it at school. I wish there would be more places people could take computer classes (full-scale besides the short ones we offer at the library) without the high cost that a lot of the colleges are charging.

What a great comment. It made me think. I am in a Microcomputer User Group called BGAMUG. This stands for the Bowling Green (KY) Microcomputer User's Group. It has been around since the first computers came out. Like other User Groups, they have classes for people who are absolute beginners and charge little or no money for them.

These User Group classes would be perfect for nontraditional students. Do you have a local User Group in your area? Do you or somebody you know need computer help?

Here is a good first step - look up your area on this website: the Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG) Group Search Page. There's a good chance there is a group near you. Also, try Googling the terms "Computer User Group" and your city or town.

And thanks again for the great comment, Tina. It led to an "aha" moment for people who might really benefit from a good (and cheap!) computer class.

Nontraditionally Yours,

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