The Computer and the Nontraditional Student

I was so nervous. My boss said, "Here it is!" And there on my desk was something completely new to me. It was a computer, complete with programs I had no idea how to use. "Now, learn it!" was the second thing he said, then left.

The first day, I kept doing something wrong. The screen would go blank, and I would lose everything I had typed. What in the world was I doing wrong? It was very frustrating.

Somehow I managed to learn the programs on my new computer. But it would have been so much easier if I'd had something (or someone!) to help me with it. Now I love computers. But back then, I was afraid of them.

Nontraditional students who are older (maybe 45 and older?) sometimes can have trouble in school just because they don't know how to use a computer correctly. Sure, there are computer labs, and people are willing to help, but most of the older students I have met would rather take a beginning computer course or typing class.

Once I had somebody tell me, "I wish I'd taken a brush-up class on my typing. Now that I am in school it is too late." Well... that person did have a hard time. One class they were taking was speech class, and they were required to type up their assignments. I think the teacher let them write them in longhand. But not all teachers are as accommodating.

One solution: have entering nontraditional students be able to take a refresher course and a basic computing class - IF they need it. They will be more prepared then. Even better, new older students could brush up on typing and take an intro computer class before they start school.

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